Beer Money: Make Money Online

When I was first starting out on my side-hustle journey, I was eager to find easy ways of earning passive income on the side. Reddit’s Beer Money forum was completely invaluable in helping me weed out the good opportunities from the scams and time-wasters. I’ve included a summary of those I think you should check out below – they won’t make you rich, but you should be able to earn PayPal, or gift cards to and the like every month!

If you’re a SAHM (or dad!) looking for legit work from home opportunities, check these out!

Screenshot 2017-08-26 at 4.32.58 PM


↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Mobile video apps, Surveys, polls, tasks, special offers, coupons, swagbuckstv, games, searchbar, codes download offers, and shopping incentive that give swagbucks.

↪ Payout: (100 swagbucks = $1)A myriad of gift cards including amazon, paypal, walmart, and facebook +Sweepstake entries.

↪ Referral Incentive: Matching Swag Bucks on all their Search wins up to 1,000 Swag Bucks per referral. 300 SB for signing up with a referral(possibly time limited).


‌• Passive Swagbucks up to 300 SB for meeting your goals for 7,14,21 and 30 days.

‌• On iOS and android app, go to the garden tab and to a bunch of videos called “10 second tips.” Add these to your favorites and let them play through there while you do something else.

‌• Visit a site frequently? Bookmark the swagbucks search result and click on it every time you plan to go to that site

‌• Targeted surveys sent to your email pay twice as much but take longer to approve.

‌• Make up to 10 swagbucks easily a day in the games in free play mode.

• (applicable to other sites with peanut labs too) Do not open the same Peanut Labs offer(s) on more than one site. You are allowed up to 3 completions and 15 attempts on PL surveys every 24 hours.



↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Click, download, sign up, do tasks, shopping incentive, and watch videos for points.

↪ Payout:(100 points = $1) Gift cards as low as $1 including amazon, also checks.

↪ Referral Incentive: 10 points with complete sign up and 10% of most earnings each.


• Get some easy points by doing the “visit websites” area everyday.


Earn Honey

↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Desktop and mobile web videos, surveys, polls, special offers, Buzz TV, promotion codes, run your own charity fundraiser, 15% referral bonus for life

↪ Payout: (100 HD$ = $1) Gift cards from Amazon, Paypal, and Top Charities starting as low as $5.

↪ Referral Incentive: 200 HD$ for signing up with registration code BEERMONEY200

TIPS • Free 5 HD$ for logging in daily, Up to 20 HD$ free daily for BuzzTV outbound traffic • Nearly unlimited videos to watch, emails for high completion rate surveys


Gift Hulk

↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offers: Offerwalls, checkins, surveys, apps to download, tasks, search bar, gifthulk tv, codes, games and shopping incentive that give gifthulk coins

↪ Payout: (1000 HC = $1) Abundance of giftcards including amazon, paypal, walmart, gamecard, facebook, and bitcoin.

↪ Referral Incentive: Up to 600 hulk coins each


• Play the card-guessing game every day



↪ Age minimum: 13

↪ Offer: Let videos continuously play on your phone or ipod touch for points. Every 1000 points is roughly $1. In the US, every 2 videos gets you 4 points. In Canada, every 4 videos gets you 4 points. In other countries, every 20 videos gets you 4 points.

↪ Payout: A $2 amazon gift card is 2500 points and a $5 amazon gift card is 5000 points so every 1000 points is roughly $1.

↪ Referral: 100 point bonus for each user that signs up using your code.


• You can run videos on many devices under the same account, many users call this a Perk farm. The devices usually end up paying for themselves pretty quickly.



↪ Earn Points(100 Points=$1) through Surveys, Offers, Tasks, Offerwalls and Videos

↪ Site was established in 2007.

↪ International – however most earning opportunities are for US,UK,CA and AU.

↪ Rewards are processed instantly to 24 hrs depending on your account level.

↪ Tons of Rewards from $5 Paypal, Bitcoins, Direct Deposit, Prepaid Visa GC or name brand store gift cards.

Thanks to r/beermoney for the breakdown! Do you have any more suggestions for legit work-from-home jobs? Tell us in the comments!

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